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  • Drafting of D&O insurance contracts

  • Checking existing policies for gaps in coverage

  • Consulting management at the conclusion of the contract

  • Liability and coverage court proceedings

  • out-of-court settlement of claims

  • Advsing D&O - insurers as monitoring and coverage counsel

  • Advisor to corporate executives as defense counsel

D&O liability issues and their effective protection through the appropriate D&O policy form one of the core areas of Vogel.Legal's consulting expertise. With the right D&O insurance, essential risks from management activities, from operational business to strategic decisions, can be covered under liability law.

Claims for damages raised against the management can come from both internal and external relationships. As a rule, however, it is the company's claims for damages against its own management that burden a D&O policy. External claims are often brought to the company and its managers by competitors, insolvency administrators, authorities or business partners.

We advise in all of these liability scenarios, conduct litigation for managing directors, board members and supervisory board members to defend against claims. In coverage disputes, we exclusively represent the insured and policyholders.

Finally, with the involvement of cooperation partners, we support you in structuring your planned D&O, in concluding new coverage concepts and in reviewing existing insurance policies.

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