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Vogel.Legal is a Germany-wide operating legal boutique specializing in employment law. With the highest demands on the quality of its own work. Approachable, highly personal and binding. Fast implementation with a view to the essentials and what is economically feasible. Gripping, assertive and relentless in pursuing clients' interests.


The law firm represents managers (board members, managing directors, supervisory and advisory board members, chief physicians, freelancers, etc.) and executives/employees in all relevant areas of employment law, in the event of termination, termination agreements and severance pay issues, liability issues, and risk insurance issues (D&O, E&O etc.), on remuneration issues and legal aspects of variable remuneration programs as well as company pension schemes.


On the other hand, Vogel.Legal advises companies of all sizes and sectors in day-to-day business as well as in restructuring and corporate transactions in all individual and collective labor law matters, including the negotiation of reconciliation of interests and social plans.


The founder and owner of Vogel.Legal managed the employment law practice of a large international law firm in Frankfurt am Main for many years. He has been combining the best of two worlds for himself and his clients since 2016. Employment law at the level of a large law firm and bilingualism in an international context. At the same time complete independence, flexibility and availability of the senior consultant of a specialized quality boutique at all times. Everything for the clients!



Employment law for companies I Specialist law firm for advising board members and executives 

Andreas Vogel




Lawyer I Specialist lawyer for employment law

Solicitor (England and Wales)

Certified Mediator (M.M.)

Andreas Vogel is a senior consultant in demand nationwide with experience in all areas of employment law, professional liability issues, D&O topics, the design of variable remuneration systems and company pension schemes. He works for companies as well as for employees. His particular focus is on advising and representing members of corporate bodies (board members, managing directors, supervisory and advisory board members, etc.), managerial employees and other executives in companies, banks and insurance companies, as well as chief physicians and freelancers.


Almost 30 years as a lawyer specializing in employment law, including more than 20 years with admission as a specialist lawyer for employment law. Andreas Vogel stands for the highest level of personal dedication and solution-oriented commitment to his clients. For many years he was a partner in an international law firm in Frankfurt am Main and head of the Employment/Incentives/Pensions department of their German practice.


Through his admission as a solicitor (England and Wales), he guarantees bilingualism in the mandate as well as a deep understanding of the cultural and legal background of international issues.


Andreas Vogel offers the best of both worlds: quality and standards of legal advice at the level of an international law firm paired with the flexibility, individuality and assertiveness of a highly experienced senior consultant who now works in his own law firm with great joy and enthusiasm.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, with arbitram he devotes himself solving conflicts as a mediator, especially in company internal disputes, as an arbitrator and in company arbitration boards.

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