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Advising Executives.

  • Managing director and board member contracts

  • Rules of procedure and management policies

  • Social security for shareholder managing directors

  • non-competition clauses

  • Variable compensation / incentives

  • Pension agreements / company pension schemes

  • Dismissals / redundancies / termination agreements

  • Liability of members of corporate bodies / damage litigation

  • Insurance (D&O)

Vogel.Legal offers almost three decades of experience in advising and enforcing the legal and economic interests of executives. 

Regardless of whether you are a member of the board of directors, managing director, supervisory board, managerial employee or so-called risk taker (according to German banking regulatory requirements). The drafting of contracts for these groups of people requires special attention. On the one hand, to lay a long-term basis for a successful, carefree cooperation, but on the other hand, to have already taken the right contractual precautions in advance for a possible later breakup. In the same way, we advise you comprehensively in the event of an imminent termination or termination that has already taken place, in the negotiation of termination agreements and on severance payment issues. 

On your behalf, we speak directly to the company and its legal representatives. If you wish, we can also stay discreetly in the background and thus ensure that sensitive negotiation situations, especially in the initial phase of a conflict, are not burdened by the open involvement of lawyers.


In addition to standard contractual issues, we are also at your side with the structure of remuneration, profit-sharing systems, pension commitments and other issues relating to company pension schemes, the design of rules of procedure, issues relating to the protection of liability risks (e.g. D&O insurance) and much more.

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