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  • Defense against liability claims

  • Judicial representation nationwide

  • Preventive to avoid liability cases

  • Special expertise: crisis and insolvency

  • Risk Analysis and Liability - Due Diligence

  • Compliance management systems

  • Negotiation with D&O - insurer

The number of headline-grabbing claims for damages before the civil courts against board members continues to increase. As representative bodies, managing directors and board members have far-reaching rights, but on the other hand they also have to meet ever stricter duties of care. The liability risks for corporate bodies are growing. Managing directors and board members are often faced with demands that threaten their very existence.


Assertive and competent legal representation is required both in the run-up to and in the avoidance of legal disputes in the event of an alleged liability situation, but then especially in the event of litigation. Vogel.Legal guarantees the best possible fulfillment of these often existential requirements. 


In these expert areas, clients benefit from our many years of experience from a large number of court proceedings and out-of-court dispute resolution. At the same time, we have your back in dealing with your D&O insurer.

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